AppWright JobCenter: The Right BPM Tool

There are many business process management (BPM) tools available today.
Understanding the differences between them is vitally important.

Too Big: Many of the largest and most expensive BPM tools are aimed squarely at organizations who already have millions of dollars invested in legacy systems (mainframes and older client-server systems). Their approach is to interface with these legacy systems and add a more modern BPM “face” to them. This approach requires large amounts of customization, expensive consulting engagements to develop the interfaces, and potientially large amounts of custom software development to meet specific business needs. The actual BPM product is relatively thin – consisting mainly of a framework or software architecture that requires extensive tailoring for each site. This is not the AppWright JobCenter approach.

Too Small: Another approach is to keep the BPM layer relatively simple and self-contained, while allowing for some modest tailoring in terms of the types of processes supported. Setup is entirely a do-it-yourself affair and interfacing with other systems is not really supported. Systems like this typically offer a self-service web-based signup and online tutorials with no personal assistance for more complex environments. This may be an adequate approach for very small firms and startups, but it is not the JobCenter approach either.

Just Right: Between the two extremes of the expensive consulting engagement and the light-weight do-it-yourself approach is where AppWright’s JobCenter is positioned. Our web-based tool is feature-rich and highly functional – it is not just a collection of interfaces. We have the capacity to integrate with other systems, but it is not necessary to do so in order to enjoy the benefits of our product. The flexiblity to handle a wide variety of business activities is built-in and ready to go. Most business environments do have some level of complexity, so every JobCenter startup comes with 30 days of very personal help and setup assistance which is aimed at helping you get the most out of your BPM implementation; it is not a do-it-yourself affair. After the sale, personal assistance is always available and is usually free of charge in most instances; no need for expensive consultants. AppWright has a demonstrable track record in successful BPM implementations ranging from large multi-billion-dollar corporations all the way down to smaller stand-alone business units with only a handful of employees. We offer the power and capability to handle very complex environments when needed along with the simplicity and low-cost that comes from a web-based product suite that is functionally-rich and mature.

Right-size your BPM tool choice with AppWright’s JobCenter.