In any industry where business is directly reliant on a client list, retention is something companies leaders need to focus on.

Tips for improving client retention

September 21, 2016 Advertising | AppWright News | Building

In any industry where business is directly reliant on a client list, retention is something companies leaders need to focus on. This is especially true for organizations in the advertising and construction industries. After all, if there are no clients, there are no jobs. But just how do businesses improve their client retention? Take a look below to find out: 

Fully understand the clients' needs 
One of the biggest causes for turnover is that agencies and companies do not understand what their clients want. This is a conversation that needs to happen early in the business relationship. Arrange for the full team on both sides of the partnership to meet and lay out the goals and the processes by which the goals will be meet. The better you understand the clients' needs, the more likely it will be that you can fulfill their expectations. This will also reduce the stress on your internal teams as they work to develop and effective plan of action for your clients. 

Be clear about your abilities 
Few things frustrate clients quite as much as when they are promised something only to find out that the company they selected cannot uphold their end of the bargain. From the moment the client shares their goals with you, your organization should be honest about the ability to follow through. For example, a construction company should not agree to a project deadline they cannot meet. Nor should an advertising agency promise a campaign they are not capable of producing. By presenting your organization's capabilities honestly, you can avoid leaving the client feeling duped. 

Meeting with clients can help make sure everyone's goals are in line. Meeting with clients can help make sure everyone's goals are in line.

Make every one feel like a priority 
Some businesses have extensive client lists. Yet, it is vital that every client feels like they are equally important to your organization. Businesses should pay close attention to project deadlines, client meetings and communication. If customers feel like your attention is wavering, they may be tempted to take their business elsewhere. Business process management software can help companies stay on top of large client lists. Most platforms will organize emails and messages, display meeting schedules and project due dates.

Show progress 
You work hard for your clients, and it is crucial to demonstrate this to them. From advertising agencies to construction companies, clients want to be able to gauge the effectiveness of your business partnerships. You should track the progress of a project from start to finish to prove timeliness and efficiency. Analytics tracking can also be helpful when it comes to showing a successful operation, but a clear project schedule can also be advantageous to have. It will allow your clients to see what you have accomplished, how much is left to complete and what goals you have set up along the timeline. 

Keep track of communication 
Having a record of all communication between your organization and your clients is not only good for posterity, but it could also improve your relationships with your business partners. Think of it as though you were communicating with a friend or family member. If they constantly have to remind you of things they have said, they will get frustrated with you. Clients are very similar. They expect to be heard and understood the first time. By maintaining a record of all communication, you can prove that you followed through with their requests and responded to their needs. 

Clients are an essential part of many businesses. Therefore, client retention should be at the forefront of every business leader's mind. By following the advice above and employing helpful software, such as business process management platforms, companies may see an improvement in their client retention rate. In turn, they may also see growth and increased success in their businesses as well. 

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