If my data is hosted with AppWright, is it safe?

AppWright’s hosting partner is RackSpace, Inc. We utilize Rackspace’s world-class network of datacenters for our server hosting. Rackspace has a world-wide reputation for excelling at hosting mission-critical systems for companies of all sizes. Your data is backed up every night and server uptime is guaranteed. AppWright JobCenter has had less than 10 minutes of downtime in the last two years – can you say that about your own systems?

If you are interested in more information on Rackspace, click here: www.rackspace.com

Are there any long-term contracts to sign?

No. When you host with AppWright you do not have to sign a long-term contract. The first time you don’t like us or we fail to live up to your expectations you can fire us; stop paying your monthly hosting bill and we will go away. Your data is always yours – you can download it with our export tools at anytime or request that we deliver it on a DVD or other media for a small fee to cover the purchase (if necessary) of media and shipping.

What about on-going support and training?

New customers pay a one-time setup fee for one of our professionals to setup your system and train you and your team on how to use it. (see our pricing page) Your monthly hosting fee includes free customer support for typical question-and-answer and how-to issues. If for some reason you require additional training or setup services for screens, reports, or job templates after your successful go-live we will bill those a-la-carte at an affordable hourly rate. Part of our initial training is aimed at teaching someone on your staff how to do these tasks so you don’t need our help, but some customers prefer to call us anyway. We don’t mind a bit.

What does AppWright JobCenter not do?

AppWright JobCenter is not an accounting, payroll, general ledger, or inventory system. It can easily interface with these systems via file import/export functions but it will not replace them. JobCenter is about workflow, job management, and communication – not accounting. It can be a great extension of your accounting system, though, by creating invoices and work orders or by feeding updates of completed work back to accounting. AppWright Jobcenter can also handle many timekeeping functions and export completed timecard info for payroll to use.

What about system upgrades?

We constantly enhance the system incrementally. We do not do big “version 2.0” style annual releases. Your monthly hosting fee guarantees that you automatically get all enhancements and updates without ever having to go through a conversion or experience any downtime. We sweat the details and you enjoy the new features. For customers who choose to purchase the software and host it in their own datacenter we offer a very affordable monthly customer-support agreement that provides for AppWright installing all upgrades and enhancements remotely – no need to worry about a risky upgrade or migration failure.

Do I have to host with AppWright? Will you sell the product for installation in my own datacenter?

Of course we will sell you a copy for use in your datacenter! Although the majority our customers choose to host their usage with us, several larger firms have also chosen to purchase their own copy of AppWright JobCenter and host it internally on their own systems. We still support the software fully with remote customer support logins to those servers and provide full upgrade and diagnostic support for them. Pricing for a system purchase usually works out to approximately 36 months of whatever the AppWright hosting fee would have been at the usage level (number of users) you plan to have on the system. Contact us for a detailed quote if you are interested in a system purchase option.

AppWright is an unusual name. Where did it come from?

It comes from two words: computer “application” (App) and craftsman (“wright”). We are computer application craftsmen (and women) and are proud of the high standard of flexibility and reliability that we have achieved with AppWright JobCenter. Many people don’t realize that our company is named “AppWright” but our product is named “JobCenter”. Most people just refer to the product as “AppWright” and that’s fine by us.