About Us

Every company has its inside jokes. At Appwright, that joke is, “Before there were apps, there was Appwright.” All humor aside, that isn’t too far from the truth. In early 2000, just after Y2K made people wary of the Internet, Appwright developers were charging fearlessly onward. They knew that the commercialization of the Internet was coming, and they wanted to be ready.
Roughly a year later, Appwright went live, and the world was introduced to a new standard of workflow and scheduling software. Since its beginnings, Appwright has seen steady growth and continued to make its customers happy by following four simple Ethos:

  • Reliability – Appwright’s core development team came from a healthcare IT background, where system availability and reliability can literally be a life-and-death proposition. From those origins, the company developed a commitment to making sure businesses could trust the website to keep processes moving without issue.
  • Scalability – The same software can seamlessly support small teams of 5 or large multi-division corporations with thousands of users. Appwright scales effortlessly to handle the load.
  • Auditability – Appwright understands that businesses need to be able to track their projects. Even more, they should be able to recall all information and communications associated with those jobs easily for both self-auditing and external auditing.
  • Security – Appwright knows that protecting your business’ information is crucial, but security is about more than passwords. It’s about peace of mind, and that is exactly what you get with this business process management program. With a robust system like Appwright, you can trust that your information is always protected and backed up.

Appwright provides companies with the perfect middle ground in business process management. Customers are given the flexibility to tailor the system to their needs in addition to professional consultation. Appwright is a high-end product at an affordable price.