See How Simple It Is To Get AppWright JobCenter Working For You.

Collaborative Scheduling

Manage job and task information collaboratively with intuitive tools that make it clear who needs to do what – and when! Paper schedules are obsolete the moment they are printed out, and whiteboard schedules are only as good as those who can see the wall. AppWright’s collaborative web-based schedules are updated in real time and shared instantly with everyone who has web access, along with flexible email notifications for those who need even more detail. Quick links to related documents, messages, notes, and other information associated with scheduled tasks creates a rich environment for improving efficiency that spreadsheets and paper simply can’t achieve.

Share Up To Date Information

AppWright JobCenter gives you the ability to attach an unlimited number of documents to jobs or accounts and define access to them with powerful global settings. Custom sub-folder structures can be setup for different types of jobs, if desired. The most recent version of uploaded information is always presented first, and audit trails show who uploaded and downloaded each and every document. You can even create dynamic HTML document types and forms directly in AppWright JobCenter that don’t require upload/download. Powerful document sharing and tracking is just part of the power of each and every AppWright process.

Powerful Workflow Management

Share job task and appointment schedules with powerful calendar and worklist views that provide the ability to select, sort, and organize workflow information efficiently. Use the power of our CPM (critical path method) scheduling engine or manage single task/appointment assignments without needing to build job template process maps. From simple to sophisticated, AppWright has your repeatable process workflow management covered.

Communicate Effectively

Every AppWright JobCenter job or process automatically gets a unique threaded discussion forum. Job related messages entered in AppWright are transmitted via email (or text message) but fully tracked and audited in the job message forum. Imagine being able to open a job and see the history of all related email communication related to it in one place, with audit trails showing who communicated with whom and what responses were given. Eliminate the immense waste of time and resources that can occur when communication is not shared and audited effectively.

Flexible, User Created

AppWright JobCenter provides an extremely flexible framework for improving the efficiency of repeatable processes in your business. Complete control over the content and validation of user-defined input screens and forms is provided. An extensible database with full user-defined report writing is also standard. Powerful import and export tools give you the ability to integrate with other applications and move information in and out of AppWright with ease. You can create an unlimited number of user-defined process maps (job templates) and associated screens and reports, along with an unlimited number of scheduling resources, external accounts and internal users. All of this can be shared across a multi-division, multi-entity structure with flexible security controls.

Manage Capacity

Why schedule the work if you can’t get it done? AppWright JobCenter provides a tools for identifying potential bottlenecks in production or resource usage. When combined with the intuitive schedule management capabilities in the system, you can create an efficient platform for spotting production problems before they happen and fixing them in time to provide tangible improvements in output.

Integrate With Other Line-of-Business Systems

AppWright JobCenter provides a rich array of integration API’s – both outbound and inbound for integrating our best-of-breed workflow and job management tools with existing accounting systems and other line-of-business applications. Import jobs and resources, export task updates and schedule changes, whatever you need to do we have a tool to do it. In the rare case that our existing interfaces and API’s are not exactly what you need, our staff has decades of skill with system integration. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Additional Features

Job and Workflow Management

  • Job templates for quick job creation
  • Full critical-path logic for complex jobs
  • Assign tasks to internal or external users
  • Custom worklist views for internal users
  • Customer/vendor external worklists
  • Full audit trail of all job changes and updates
  • Supplier/vendor/customer communication
  • Job-level messaging/discussion forums
  • Job-level document attachments & archives
  • User-defined forms for job data capture
  • Rich data import/export functions
  • Flexible job-level timekeeping entry
  • Automatic email notices of key job updates
  • Message templates

Form/Screen Designer

  • User-defined fields
  • Security/audit trail at the field level
  • Import your own lookup tables
  • Calculate pricing/other math functions
  • Create configuration/selection screens
  • Generate invoices/purchase orders
  • Imbed SQL ‘mini-reports’ in screens
Account Management

  • Request/quote/order entry functions
  • Info-request form routing/tracking
  • Customer/vendor/subcontractor contacts
  • Track prospects
  • Email campaigns
  • Document/contract archive
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Email appointment reminders
  • Report Writer
  • User-defined report content/structure
  • User-defined data elements
  • SQL-based query language
  • Imbed web links in report screens
  • Export any report directly to Excel
  • Access to all system database tables
  • Report grouping and access control
  • Report scheduler (automatic emailer)

Other Features

  • Flexible web-portal structure
  • Multi-division/multi-company ready
  • Flexible multi-level security model
  • Google Drive and Google Calendar integration