Investing in a new business process management system is exciting - but it's not something you want to do prematurely.

The biggest mistake to avoid when making process improvements

March 2, 2017 AppWright News

If you're looking to enhance the efficiency of your organization's workflow, there are many ways of going about it. 

However, taking careful and considerate steps in planning the restructuring should be your No.1 priority, as acting too quickly without proper preparation can lead to costly mistakes. While your current methods and processes may not offer the returns you're hoping for, implementing a new way of doing things is no easy feat – especially if they are operations your employees have grown accustomed to. More, if a new business model or workflow involves the adoption of business process management software, it's important to make sure that the implementation and deployment go as smoothly as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of never seeing a return on investment from it.

Progressing with caution
There are many obstacles that come with redesigning processes and workflows. But the top mistake you'll want to steer clear of is committing yourself to a product or system prematurely – or simply selecting the first tool you come across.

Investing in a new business process management system (BPMS) can help you achieve significant cost savings, higher levels of productivity and better communication and collaboration. However, as we mentioned, to ensure you actually get a return on that investment, you need to select the product that is best for meeting the specific needs of your organization.

Take the time to do your research and consider a wide range of tools and technologies available on the market today and compare them. If you don't know the extent of the options you have, you can't guarantee that you're picking the one that will offer you the most value. 

Streamlining in steps
Taking this a step further, as Process Excellence Network pointed out, one of the biggest mistakes you should avoid when it comes to BPM technology is investing in a new tool or system before you have taken the time to gain a comprehensive view of what your top priorities and business requirements are.

Making the decision to rework your processes and workflow can certainly be exciting – for the entire company. Employees may feel eager about (finally) having a new way of getting work done – one that promises higher efficiency and productivity.

But try not to get too wrapped up in the excitement that you prematurely choose and implement a system before you have a crystal clear picture of exactly what pain points it is going to resolve. 

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