This article outlines the benefits of BPM software in an advertising agency.

What can BPM software do for your advertising agency?

April 18, 2018 Advertising

Anyone who has been in an advertising or marketing agency knows that things move quickly. The to-do list never seems to get any smaller, but clients still expect personalized service. How can these agencies streamline their workflow and optimize their services? They can start by employing a business process management platform. This software will make management and organization even easier and could improve client relations. To see the benefits of BPM software in an advertising agency, read on: 

Better client management 
Most advertising and marketing agencies divide the work for a high volume of clients between a limited number of employees. If this process isn't highly organized and monitored, it can be problematic. Proposals could be sent to the wrong client, meetings could be missed or accounts could be understaffed. By using BPM software, agencies can better track assignments and assign project responsibilities. With fewer jobs falling through the cracks and faster completion times, clients will likely be much happier with agencies. Additionally, an organized workflow gives employees the chance to direct their energies on producing a better quality of work for their accounts.

Business process management software can help busy advertising and marketing agencies optimize productivity.Business process management software can help busy advertising and marketing agencies optimize productivity.

More streamlined internal communication 
Advertising and marketing employees are not only constantly communicating with clients outside the office, they are also in touch with a number of people across all departments of the agency. This can mean that inboxes get overloaded and important messages can be missed. BPM software allows employees to organize messages under specific jobs and track which ones have been addressed. It can also be easily updated, giving the agency access to the most up-to-date information at all times. Good BPM software will also store all information in one place, creating an audit trail that can be accessed for future reference. 

Easy accessibility 
The workforce is changing. Not all employees are based out of the office anymore. In fact, Forbes reported that 1 in 5 employees in the U.S. work from home or remotely. Those individuals still need access to work-related documents and information. A complicated system may discourage talented employees who would rather work from home. Because most business process management software is cloud-based, it provides agencies with a reliable online space to share documents, complete tasks and contact coworkers and clients even when they are not in the office. More importantly, the cloud storage capacity is less likely to cause access security issues than emails or portable storage devices. 

Advertising and marketing agencies are typically a hotbed of creativity and innovation. It would be a shame for those qualities to be hindered by disorganization and mismanagement. This makes agencies the perfect candidate for BPM software. With the help of its scheduling, communication and workflow tools, BPM software gives agency employees the opportunity to focus on the creative needs of their clients. 

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