There are many television shows that have good lessons for business leaders.

5 television shows that actually teach you something about business

April 18, 2018 AppWright News

The business world is not separate from the arts world as many people would believe. In fact, they often reflect the same aspects of society but in different ways. That being said, leaders in both sectors could learn from one another to appropriately reach the audiences they are attempting to attract. In pop culture, for example, there are many television shows that have lessons for business leaders. Take a look below to see some of the top programs.

1. "Mad Men" 
What better example is there for business leaders then the dawn of the Advertising Age? The men and women in the workforce during this time were faced with a changing medium and had to find new and creative ways to conduct business. Modern professionals faced with similar issues in their businesses may find this show valuable. 

2. "Breaking Bad" 
While business leaders are not dealing in the production and distribution of hard drugs, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's success in taking their operation from the small time to the big timers in town is something all professionals should note. It just goes to show that when you find the right partner and each of you works to the best of your abilities, good things will happen. 

Business leaders could learn good behaviors and practices from television shows.Business leaders could learn good behaviors and practices from television shows.

3. "Game of Thrones" 
Hopefully your office is not too much like Westeros, but there are sure to be some similarities. Office politics and industry trade deals may make it feel like you are vying for the Iron Throne, but it is important to remember that the characters who plan and network carefully are usually the ones who come out on top. Business leaders may consider investing in a business process management platform to help them organize their contacts and outline project deadlines. 

4. "House of Cards" 
Similar to Game of Thrones, this show is a political duel to get to the top. It demonstrates that some people will do whatever it takes to succeed, and it is good for business leaders to see this kind of behavior and its repercussions. While success is the ultimate goal, leaders must be responsible enough to see the consequences of their actions. Manipulation may have worked for Frank Underwood, but it will not work for everyone. 

5. "Parks and Recreation" 
When this show was on the air, it was a funny half hour spent with your favorite lovable characters. But in between the laughs and the awes, Leslie Knope taught business leaders the very important lesson of managing a number of different personalities and making it work. This is an important skill for leaders who have to manage a variety of people across their company. 

While television may not seem like the most likely place for people to get business-leadership training, many popular shows are great resources for managers. To learn more about business leadership and ways to make your job as a manager easier, visit today.