Boston Barricade Co. is the only coast-to-coast provider of modular construction enclosures and graphics systems in the U.S. In the fast-paced world of retailers, contractors, and mall developers, construction projects are inevitable. Changing times call for changing store-fronts and spaces. When properties need these zones cordoned off, they call Boston Barricade.

Needless to say, the company is responsible for overseeing a number of different projects, and one of the supervisors responsible for its systems organization is Brian Cornell. He is the Business Process Manager at Boston Barricade Co. He has been with the company for nearly five years, and he brought AppWright with him. His previous employer used the system, and it has become instrumental in the day-to-day project scheduling of his current employer.

Before Cornell assumed his role at Boston Barricade Co., the company was using Microsoft Outlook to manage project processes. However, because of the rapid expansion of the business, a more streamlined method was required. The need for a system that allowed for better communication and visibility was clearly evident. Cornell explained, “At this point, we are coast to coast. We have a corporate office [in Florida] that does a lot of the scheduling, and 15 branch offices scattered across the country. There was a need to be able to communicate documents, instructions and other details pertaining to the projects.” AppWright more than fulfilled that need. It gave the company an efficient means of sharing files and information, all within the online portals.

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Cornell also said that the easy implementation of the BPM software meant that things were up and running from Day 1, meaning there was no downtime to put them behind schedule. He uses AppWright every day to communicate with the other branches of the business. Crews and other users are also able to collect job photos, surveys and other project-related documents, store them in subfolders and share them with the people that need them.

He was also very impressed with the amount of time and energy the AppWright team allotted for making Boston Barricade’s experience phenomenal.

“We have had a great experience after switching to AppWright. We were able to start using it immediately, and the company has been great to work with.”

Cornell went on to say that AppWright took suggestions for improvement from Boston Barricade and actively sought to make the product the best it could be for its clients. As a result, Cornell and other business process managers have access to one of the most efficient, cost-friendly BPM platforms available.

“You can customize and create your own drop-down menus so that things are organized in the way that you need them to be organized. AppWright’s done a great job of creating a core system that you can mold into exactly what you need,” Cornell added.

Cornell and Boston Barricade Co. found great success in using AppWright to improve inter-office communications, organize project-specific documents and schedule employees for jobs.

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