Northeast Florida is home to one of the country’s largest framing companies. At any given time, they may be involved in over 1,000 construction projects and consultations. The man in charge of keeping all these assignments in order is Joe W. He is the Construction Administrator for the company. The responsibility of tracking logistics from one job to another and monitoring the efficiency of the company rests with him. In this role, organization and planning are vital.

In his previous positions, Joe used spreadsheets to manage the workflow and job-related information associated with construction jobs. It was clear, however, that he needed an easier, more integrated way to keep track of multiple facets of the company’s projects. Spreadsheets simply weren’t ideal for a construction business that handled a high volume of jobs and large number employees.

Fortunately, when Joe accepted his current position, the company was already utilizing AppWright. The BPM software was integral to the organization’s processes in every way.

“[AppWright] gave us a place to consolidate a lot of different information rather than having multiple platforms to do it on. That was what attracted the company to the software,” said Joe.

Not only did AppWright allow the company to easily manage their continuously-growing workload, it allowed them to streamline communication with their sister company, as well. Any data Joe needs the other company to have can be easily transferred through AppWright, creating a seamless collaboration process. The ease-of-use and efficiency made the software invaluable and it soon became an integral part of the company’s efficiency.

“With the exception of the actual manual labor and billing, everything that you can think of is related to AppWright for us,” Joe reported.

Additionally, AppWright has given Joe a more effective way to manage projects. Because the software has a web-portal structure, employees in the field can easily access assignments and mark tasks as completed. On his end, he can see which jobs have been completed in real-time. His employees can also see any updates or notes attached to their projects. The company has even figured out a way to incorporate equations into AppWright, allowing them to forecast more accurate supply requirements and reduce wasted spending.

“The world can be summed up in two ways: reactive and proactive. [AppWright] takes us from reactive to proactive,” Joe said.

AppWright’s ability to help forecast supply numbers, project work timelines and communicate across companies has given the company an edge that its competitors don’t have. If a client asks for a project to be completed within a certain timeframe, Joe can use the information gleaned from the BPM software to determine if the company can meet the request. It adds a level of integrity to their businesses that many other companies do not offer.

Joe concluded by saying that like any tool, AppWright will work for managers who put it to work for them.

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