It is always a good thing when your business is growing and performing successfully. Yet sometimes growth can outpace the businesses’ capabilities. This was the case for United Truss. The increased demand for their services overwhelmed the company’s resources and manpower.


“The phone calls for scheduling became an ever increasing game of who and what was the daily priority, causing untold headaches with our component manufacturing people and also the actual manufacturing,” said United Lumber/United Truss President and Owner Ed DeBiasio. “Customer service was starting to be negatively affected and we were spending far too much time chasing critical information.”

As a company that is committed to its clients, United Lumber was in need of a way to accommodate their business growth. The Ontario-based building company was in search of a method to help improve efficiency and operations. The new objective became growing the business without increasing operating costs.

That is when United Truss discovered AppWright, and the company quickly made the decision to invest in the application. It is a decision United Truss has never regretted.


The business process management platform allowed United Truss to organize their scheduling process, accurately check resource levels, safeguard important files and documents and communicate with each other across multiple job folders.

“In essence, once we actually started fully embracing and using [AppWright], it became a labor saving, time enhancer and something that every salesperson would only let go if you pried from their dead hands. What a difference it has made!” DeBiasio explained.

In addition to helping the company adjust to its sudden growth, AppWright also gave United Truss the opportunity to expand even further. Because the BPM platform had freed up much of the time wasted on tracking communication and struggling to meet schedule demands, the business was able to concentrate on growing the client list and maintaining good relationships with current clients. AppWright also improved company morale by giving team members the flexibility to work remotely without getting behind on operations.

Moreover, United Truss was able to customize the application to meet its specific business needs. And whenever an issue arose, AppWright’s team was readily available to assist and get things back on track. For DeBiasio, AppWright was the exact platform the business needed to adjust to increased demand, maintain its level of success and improve overall daily operations all without spending an exorbitant amount on new equipment or expensive software.

“AppWright’s service and support have been stellar and we have been very pleased. Everything we had asked for has been delivered. If you want something that can actually enhance the productivity of all your staff, including the sales team, I highly recommend AppWright,” DeBiasio concluded.
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