Scott Murray and his brother decided to open their own engineering company, Murray Engineering, in 2006. By the second year, their business was doing so well that they needed help organizing workflow and projects. In fact, they were weighing their options of software solutions well before they selected a business process management software. Many BPM platforms were either too large and overpriced for their needs or too small and inefficient.

Scott’s brother had used AppWright at one of his former jobs. He had witnessed how it had increased efficiency and performance, and he suggested it would be a good fit for their company.

“AppWright was the most customizable for our size and the affordability was good.” Scott said, regarding his decision to employ AppWright.

Murray Engineering soon took on a rehabilitation role in the construction industry, particularly in residential housing. That required Scott and the rest of his staff to be out of the office frequently on meetings and site visits.

AppWright allowed his team to easily coordinate schedules and track jobs without missing a beat. Moreover, both the Murray Engineering team and their customers can access schedules and project tabs remotely, any time. It gave them the flexibility to take the business out into the field, which was where they really needed to be. It also allowed them to better manage employment. They were able to do more with fewer people thanks to the capabilities of AppWright JobCenter.

Scott also recalled that he was able to implement AppWright into his business’ workflow without issue. A nearby representative facilitated the integration and immediately set it to work for his company.

“There was nothing drastic we had to do to implement. Typically, most employees that come on board, we have them up to speed and using the program within a couple days,” he added.
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After integration and employee training, it only got easier to use. The AppWright team worked with the people at Murray Engineering to customize the program to the company’s exact needs, making it one of their most valuable assets.


“AppWright is the core of all of our projects. We see 30 to 50 projects in a week, and AppWright is the driving force for developing the job, scheduling the job, hosting all of the documents, entering the all the pertinent information about the project and finding resources in the company to allocate toward the project,” Scott said.

It has been nine years since the company first adopted the software, and AppWright is still a huge part of their business. The software has grown and changed with the company seamlessly, and Scott has never regretted his decision to incorporate the program into his business’ workflow.

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